Behavioral Guidelines

  • First and foremost, above all else, be respectful and courteous to everyone.
  • The server is open to players of all ages and ability.
  • No swearing or abusive language of any kind.
  • No spam. Not in the chat and not in-game using signs or other messages.
  • No inappropriate builds (Swastika or other symbols of hate, swear words, sexual builds, etc.)
  • You may not use any x-ray texture packs or cheating clients.
  • In-game chat is to be kept friendly. No political or religious debates and no jokes about death or suicide, no bullying or insulting other players.
  • Please respect admins and ops. Their say is final. If you wish to appeal a decision, please do so via email. Hounding an op in-game is obnoxious for everyone.

If you have a complaint about a player violating these guidelines, the easiest and best way to report it is by emailing the admin at, or /msg a mod if one is online.