Expanded the hard drive last night

Last night I added another 80Gb to the hard drive on the server.

I had to scrap the dynmap database in the process, which is why the map is showing blank right now. I will be restoring that from backup, but that process could take quite a while, several hours, as that database is massive.

I’ll update here when that is complete.


  1. Bignatius

    Is this why we can’t see most of the newish land on the dynamap even if we’ve been there?

    1. Allen (Post author)

      Yes, that’s probably why. Also, the server only updates the map when there are no players on, so as to cut down on lag. So if we’re seeing long periods of time when the server is not empty, no new map tiles are being generated. Usually there are at least six or seven hours a night when no one is on and the server can churn away at the map.

      It also only shows areas where players have been. I originally filled in the map but decided it would be more fun to explore those areas and discover them as we go along.


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