Plugin updates


The developers of NoCheatPlus have finally released a 1.11 version. I installed that a few days ago so that will cut down on the hacking that we’ve been seeing since the update to 1.11.

You will be warned about most hacking offenses if you do manage to get around NoCheatPlus. Repeated warnings will result in a tempban. Further incidents will get you perma-banned.

Diamond Announcer

Unfortunately there is no way to detect when people are using x-ray, so I installed diamond announcer, which announces to everyone, every time someone finds diamonds. It is fairly obvious when people are using x-ray, if they’re finding ridiculous amounts of diamonds in a short amount of time.

There are warnings about using x-ray several times an hour, so you can’t claim you didn’t know you aren’t supposed to use it.

Using x-ray means an immediate 3 day ban. No exceptions.

Optifine is OK.


Headslite also received an update this morning, so we should see mobs dropping more heads (about 40% of the time), and players should be able to give their heads to other players. Let me know if this still isn’t working.


A change has been made to the NoSwear config. Players will now explode when they swear. Keep in mind that using misspellings or punctuation to sidestep the list of swear words and is a big no-no. An Admin or Mod can warn you, strike you with lightning, burn you, or tempban you for doing this. It’s purely at their discretion. Watch your language.

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