Inactive claims

In an attempt to keep the claims database small, and therefore fast, claims expire if the owner has not logged in for 90 days. Up until now, the policy has also been for the server to remove everything in the claim and do a nature-restore. However, I have noticed the effect this has had on one of the player-built towns, and it’s not pretty. So to preserve the player-built aesthetic on the server, I have disabled nature-restore on expired claims. Claims will still expire after 90 days, but everything in the claim will remain.

Just for clarification, this does mean that other players will be able to raid a build where the claim has expired. This is not against the rules. Unclaimed builds are fair game, as has been the policy from day one. If you want your claims to stand, all you need to do is log on and off the server, every so often.

Thank you. Carry on.

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