New Plugin – Clans

Clans is a very simple plugin for PvP. It allows players to form clans (teams), set clan bases, use a clan only chat, and view stats.

This plugin is only enabled in the PvP world.

The commands are as follows, these can also be viewed in-game by typing /clan:


/clan create [name] | Create a Clan
/clan invite [player] | Invite a Player
/clan accept [player] | Accept a Clan invite
/clan kick [player] | Kick a Player
/clan stats [name] | Get Clan Stats
/clan stats | Global Top 10 Stats
/clan base | Teleport to the Clan Base
/clan setbase | Set the Clan Base
/clan leave | Leave the Clan
/clan delete | Delete the Clan
/clan list | List all Clan Members
/clan reload | Reload the configuration
/clan toggleChat | Toggle your Private Chat
/clan chat <message> | Send a Clan Message

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