The update aquatic, plugin delays, and a world reset

The official pre-release of 1.13 is out, which means that the official production release is not far behind. I’ll be following the same pattern as with the last few major updates. As soon as Spigot releases their official 1.13 server, I’ll begin the process of testing plugins. As soon as enough of our essential plugins work, I’ll get us upgraded to 1.13.

Essential plugins being:

  • The PEX permission system
  • EssentialsX
  • WorldGuard
  • World Border
  • Grief Prevention

These are the major plugins we need working. Everything else is frills, and will be implemented as they become available for 1.13.

There will be substantial changes to the 1.13 API, so that some older plugins may not work, and this could be problematic. So I may have to find suitable replacements.

On that note. We have not done a world reset since the 1.9 update. What I’ve done in the past is simply expand the world with each major release. However 1.13 introduces so many fundamental changes, particularly to the oceans, that we would be better served to just start over from scratch. So that is my plan. New version, new world, with a new seed.

As with the old worlds, once the new world has been generated, I’ll spend a few days running around protecting a small number of villages close to the spawn, so as to keep things looking nice, and also to make sure that there are villagers to trade with.

I’ll post more updates as things progress.

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